Monday, July 26, 2010

Win a Cricut Cake!!

If you haven't heard about Cricut Cake you must be living under a rock. If you are...let me know tell you about this amazing machine. Cricut was originally designed for the scrapbooking world which has EXPLODED over the last few years or so. It is designed for the average person to design beautiful, intricate pieces of paper and turn them into works of art for your most treasured memories. I never did quite get on the bandwagon with scrapbooking ordeal. I've got all the books and papers to prove it, but nothing to show for it. Anyway...I was reading on Facebook and stumbled upon a website called The Scrapbooking Queen She (Theresa) blogged about Melissa who is the creator of Creating from the Heart blog. Theresa was letting everyone know about Melissa's giveaway as well as a giveaway on her blog if you follow her steps as well!

So's the deal.
1. Go to Theresa's Blog first
2. Follow her instructions and in the process connect with Melissa's Blog
3. Follow her instructions and keep your fingers crossed that you win!

I hope I win! :-)
Spread the word!

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