Friday, December 30, 2011

It's a....


For my final cake of 2011 I was asked by a couple who was visiting for the holidays to help them reveal to their family and surprise themselves with what the sex of their baby was going to be at a Baby Revealing Party. This is my second cake I've done like this, and what an honor to do so.

The couple stop by on Christmas Eve morning and drop off the envelope with the answer - will it be pink or blue??

Well, it was pink!! It's a GIRL!

So here is the final cake

Congratulations! And keep me up to date on the name and maybe some pictures!

Oh NO...I'm melting....!!


For a fun twist on a traditional cupcake, I found this design online and I found a friend who loved it too. She wanted to have small treats for the kids to have after dinner on Christmas Eve. Here are a dozen cupcakes with snowman...but wait...they melted! And with the weather we've been having lately, if we even had snow, they sure would have been a melted mess!

Happy Birthday Jesus!


For a friend who was celebrating the holidays with her family, she wanted to have a simple, small cake to add a finishing touch to their Christmas dinner.

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Holy Cake Batman & Rock and Roll Taylor Swift


For a brother and sister duo who have birthdays close to each other I made them two themed birthday cakes this year.

For Jack he wanted a Batman theme cake,

when he got to his party, he put a Batman toy on the top of his cake.

For his sister, who shares her name with her favorite singer, Taylor Swift, we went with a rock n' roll theme guitar and Taylor Swift photos around the cake.

Happy Birthday Jack and Taylor!

December Cookie Smiles


Another month for Cookie Smiles, this month's theme was Snowflakes. I was thrilled to see who my two receipients were this month, one of them was for a family who I was able to make their son an Icing Smiles 3D Firetruck cake back in August of this year. Here is what his mom had to say, "I am blessed, It is amazing to know that people that have only met you a few times care so much!! A box of goodies for Riley blessed my heart today and gave me comfort knowing we are cared for. Thank you so much, you will never know much it means!"

I hope both my families enjoyed their December goodies.

Baby Marshall's First Birthday


For a little boy's first birthday.

Friday, December 16, 2011

SPARKS Martial Arts


This cake was for a friend whose family is big into Martial Arts. They do martial arts at Sparks, which was having their end of year party for their students.

My friend wanted to celebrate with a cake that looked just like the company's logo.

Here is the logo, with the phrase Train Hard, Fight Easy, which is their moto

Nursing School Graduation


This cake was for a nursing school graduate, Frances graduated from Queens University in Charlotte with her Bachelors of Science in Nursing.

Congratulations Frances!

Monday, December 12, 2011

A Little Boy and his Dog!


For a sweet little boy who was in my daughters class last year,

he was celebrating his birthday this weekend

and his birthday party theme was around his favorite pet,

his dog Maddy.

Happy Birthday Anselm!



For a young boy who just LOVES his legos,

his grandparents got him this awesome 3D lego cake!

4 differnt flavors of cakes

~marble cake with vanilla buttercream

~chocolate cake with oreo buttercream

~almond cake with almond buttercream

~orange chocolate swirl with vanilla buttercream

Happy Birthday Caleb!!

Happy Birthday Jesus!


For my sons preschool each year they celebrates Jesus' birthday,

I was asked again to make the class cake.

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Swimming with a Mermaid


For a sweet little girl who goes to preschool with my little guy was having a mermaid/aqua/water theme birthday this past weekend. Mom had the color and theme of the party picked out and it was up to me to create a special cake.

Happy Birthday Addy!

Sunbonnet Sue


What a unique and different baby shower theme this cake was! This sweet cake was for a friend who was hosting a baby shower for her closest friend Amber who was expecting their 2nd child in January of 2012. A friend of the mom to be was creating the rooms bedding and decor with the Sunbonnet Sue theme. The actual quilt is where I got the picture and theme for the cake. The sides of the cake show the flowers that are around the quilt while the Sunbonnet Sue herself is the center of the quilt.

(Not pictured are about 30 or so red velvet pink and white themed cupcake bites!)

Congratulations Amber!

For a Princess and her Tea Party

This cake is another one of my favorites that I can add to my portfolio of cakes. I'm a sucker for pink and princess theme cakes. And this special cake was for a special girl, Vivian, who was turning 5.

Vivian and I share something in common, our birthdays! I'm not quite sure how we all met, but I was contacted by this amazing family a year ago to help with their daughters 4th birthday. And I've been making their cakes ever since! They have 3 sweet little girls, and Vivian is the oldest. She was having a tea party, a Princess theme tea party, and her favorite color is pink! So I combined all three to create a special cake for her.

What's not pictured are another 2 dozen pink and white cake pops similar to those I did for her class party.

Happy Birthday Vivian!

Simple and Sweet


For a surprise birthday for some out of town guests, here is a birthday cake I created for Auntie Kim!

Rock 'n Roll - FunkyTown Party


FunkyTown Parties, offering classes, parties and events all in the theme of hip hop. I had never heard of such a place or theme idea for a birthday party, but what a NEAT place to have a FUN birthday celebration. FunkyTown is a small business in Charlotte that offers a unique birthday party environment. Kids of all ages can come learn how to dance hip hop and have a great time together.

The birthday girls mom wanted me to create a cake for her daughter who was turning 8. Mom and I talked about the design and I had plenty of ideas going through my mind as we talked, but I told mom to think about what she wanted and then told her to ask her daughter to draw want she wanted her cake to look like. And for the first time ever

I have an actual drawing of the birthday girls cake that she wanted.

Here is her cake that she drew

(disclaimer - Ann Elizabeth is actually 8, not 7 as in the picture above!)

And here is what I created with her with an extra surprise of the birthday girl at the piano

Happy Birthday Ann Elizabeth!

The First Holiday cake of the season


My first holiday theme birthday cake of the season was delivered this past Friday to a friend who was having a small girls get together for their friend Kristen.

Happy Birthday Kristen!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy to be 1 and celebrating with Minnie Mouse!


For a little girl who was turning one this weekend, I created a sweet Minnie Mouse theme cake.

Happy Birthday Addison!

Clemson Pride!


This special cake was a first...a few weeks back I posted how I won at our neighborhood bake off contest with a particular chocolate cupcake, a chocolate Guinness cupcake with Bailey's Irish Creme and Irish Whiskey cream cheese icing. It was a huge hit there, so much so a neighbor of mine decided she wanted to have it as her dessert at a birthday party they were having. Randy is a big Clemson fan so why not have a Clemson paw on his cake.

However, in sad football news today, Clemson lost to South Carolina today, 34-13, ouch! BUT I hope the cake was a success at their party and everyone forgot the big loss!

Happy Birthday Randy!

Happy Turkey Birthday to ME!


It happens once a year, Thanksgiving, and well this year my birthday fell on the same day too! Yes, every 7 or so years my birthday falls on Thanksgiving. Happy Turkey Day to me! This year, despite the loads of turkey, ham, sweet potatoes, vegetables and pumpkin pie being offered I brought a special cake, I should say cheesecake. My friend Gail Buff, who owns Cheesecake Etc here in Charlotte, made me a DELICIOUS pumpkin cheesecake to enjoy with my family. And let me tell you, it was devine! I am still eating the left overs and they are still good!! Yummy!!

Thank You Gail!

Happy Birthday to me with my two little munchkins!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Gobble, Gobble!!


For a little girl who goes to preschool with my little guy, I made these cute turkey cupcakes for them to celebrate at their Thanksgiving dinner!

Gobble, Gobble!

Thanksgiving Cookies


For close family friends who were expecting out of town guests come in for the Thanksgiving holiday, I was asked to create a platter of Thanksgiving theme cookies.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Mimi's Birthday


For a special lady whose grandchildren call her Mimi, here is her special birthday cake.

Happy Birthday Mimi!

Cake Pops!


For a sweet little girl who was celebrating her birthday at school with her friends, I made 2 dozen of these pink and white cake pops for her class.

Happy Birthday Vivian!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Look Whoooo is Having a Birthday!


This special Owl cake is for a sweet little girl who turned one this weekend.

Happy 1st Birthday Aniston!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Argentina Football


For a big Argentina soccer fan, whose favorite player is Lionel Messi I created a shirt cake for him and his family to enjoy.

I recreated his soccer jersey with his number, number 10.

Happy Birthday Juan Carlos!

Birthday Cake - Camo Style


For a friend whose husband was celebrating

a special birthday and who LOVES to hunt I created a

special camouflage birthday cake.

Happy Birthday Brad!

A little Topsy Turvy


For a sweet girl who was celebrating her 15th birthday with a few of her family and friends I created a beautiful topsy turvy cake for her special occassion.

Zebra Shoe


Here is a neat looking shoe, I mean cake, that I created for my first Facebook Order!! YES, after being in "business" for a few years and having started posting and sharing my work on Facebook, connecting with people, friends and even fans around the United States I was contacted to make a special cake. Romona Flowers, who is also a cake decorator in the Washington, DC area reached out to me to help with her daughters 20th Birthday. Her daughter attends UNC Charlotte where my husband works. We chatted some on Facebook and then she decided to have me make her daughter a special cake for her birthday. Mom liked the idea of a shoe,

a Chuck Taylor shoe.

This was a first for me, but I was up for the challenge. True story, I looked at a ton of pictures of shoe cakes and shoe pictures online. But the best thing I did was to take a trip to Rack Room Shoes and snap a few pictures and even trace the bottom of the shoe as a guide to cutting. And I'm so glad I did!!

My husband took the cake with him to work where the Birthday girl herself came and picked up the cake to share with her friends that evening.

Happy Birthday Kioko!


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