Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rock and Roll and such...

Hello all,
Our next door neighbor has 3 little children, 2 of which have birthdays close together. She wanted to celebrate their birthdays together with a big celebration with family and friends. Her little girl is turning 5 and starting Kindergarten, and very much into Hannah Montana. So I made her a rock n' roll guitar with her favorite colors, pink, purple and blue. Their little boy is Nicholas' age and was turning two so he got his own little giraffe cake. Both were a hit with the kids and the family!
Happy Birthday

Monday was Dad's 65th Birthday. I was dying to try out a new recipe for a lemon pound cake with a blackberry and raspberry buttercream. So I got creative and busy in the kitchen making a few yummy desserts a dinner for us all to enjoy together.

Here is the lemon pound cake cupcakes, sorry this is only picture we took I was busy cleaning up and setting up the candles.

I also made dad's new favorite cake, a Margarita cake which is really yummy, moist and best of all made with Tequila and Triple Sec!! Here is a video of our celebration. As you can see we had lemon cupcakes, margarita cake, and of course margaritas. The best part is after we sang, Nicholas is trying is hardest to blow out the candles! Poor kid...if he only knew they were magic candles!! But we had a good time!

Happy Birthday Dad!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Chris

Hello again,

August has been a slow month and I'm very happy for that! I needed a break from all the cakes I had been doing, but I have done a few so far this month. However for some reason I did not take pictures of the latest creations, aagh! Sorry! I've asked if any pictures were taken to send them my way, but I will at least tell you all about them.

First I was asked to make another bunch of cookies for a teacher who was having a farewell, congrats party for her students who were heading off to college in a few weeks. She had 12 students and they were all attending different colleges here in North Carolina, South Carolina and one in Pennsylvania. I designed each heart shape cookie (2 for each student) with the school's colors, the name of the school and the student's name.

Then we had my husband's birthday, which was August 10. He and his coworker Beverly share the same birthday so I made a BIG 2 layer chocolate cake with an oreo filling for him and some of his coworkers. Then this past weekend a bunch of us decided to go to a Charlotte Knights baseball game, so I designed a baseball field with cupcakes. Yes, if you look closely you'll see that it's not a cake, but a cupcake cake! Fun to do and what a mess to eat, but boy was it YUMMY!
Here is the birthday boy blowing out his birthday cupcake after dinner with his folks.
This is the LARGE but delicious chocolate cake with oreo filling for work
Baseball theme cupcake cake
Look, there are the cupcakes!
(made with 15 cupcakes)

The same day we had our baseball game I made about 48 more cupcakes for an engagement shower. Very simple, 24 Almond and 24 Chocolate with almond and vanilla icing, sprinkled with white nonpareils. Her theme was an around the house shower and I believe the hostess was going to decorate the top of each cupcake with little household like plastic decor. Again, no pictures, my apologies. Just imagine a beautiful looking cupcake with a swirl of white icing and sprinkles!

Next I have two birthday cakes for my neighbor for this weekend, a Hannah Montana cake for her five year old little girl and a giraffe theme cake for her 2 year old son. I'll post pictures next week.

Take care!

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