Saturday, June 25, 2011

Surprise! Happy Birthday!

For another surprise birthday this weekend, I created this one of a kind cake. A friend who use to take piano lessons with me a LONG time ago contacted me about creating a cake for her husband's surprise 30th birthday.
We personalized the cake to reflect her husbands interest...

...he likes cars and fixing things

...he likes history and science

...and he likes planes!

Happy Birthday Nathan!

Date Night - Canjun Canvas!


Date nights for my husband and I are not often as they use to be since having two little ones. But when we get a chance to go out we enjoy it! Cajun Canvas is a local business where you learn how to paint and take home a beautiful canvas and have fun too!

Check Canjun Canvas out!

We decided to double date with out close friends and enjoy an evening out! And of course I had to make cupcakes for the event! :-)

Here is some of our fun!

Some of us were stressed over painting.

But in the end...

we had a fun time!

Thanks Cajun Canvas and thanks to Peppie and Narja for a great evening out with friends!

Star Wars

For a little guy who loves Star Wars!
Happy Birthday Jay!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Surprise 80th Birthday!

I was asked by a friend to help create a fabulous 80th birthday cake for her grandmother. The cake was not only going to be a surprise, but so was the party!

I hope Grandma was surprised all around!

Happy Birthday!

Choo Choo....Here Comes Thomas The Train!

For a sweet little boy who was turning 2 this weekend
I made him and his family this cute Thomas the Train cake.

Happy Birthday David!

Thomas is made using the frozen buttrecream transfer technique.

APA Manual....?....

This cake was for my husband who officially finished his grad school work this past week.
I made him and his classmates this particular cake.
You might be thinking, "What is this?"
The APA Manual is a guide for research writing and for those have written papers using this, you know all about it!
Even I used it in college when I wrote my music therapy papers!

And for those who are wondering, we're not done yet. He still has to finish his thesis in order to graduate but no more classes and no more weekends away from the family.

Congratulations "MAAA" Class of 2011!

Go Tennessee!

For a friend whose husband is a big Tennessee fan I made him a Tennessee theme Birthday cake.
Happy Birthday!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Woof! Happy Birthday Jake!

For a sweet little guy who just loves his dog Ginger.
Here is his birthday cake with a fondant dog
made to look like his dog Ginger.
Happy Birthday Jake!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Graduation Time


For a young man who was graduating from

Sun Valley High School.

Congratulations Thomas!

Happy 70th Birthday!

For a wonderful mom and grandmother who was celebrating her 70th Birthday, I was asked to create a simple, but elegant cake for her birthday celebration.

Happy Birthday Joyce!

Barbie Doll

For my little girls best friend at school, I was asked by her mother to make her a Barbie Doll cake for her 5th Birthday.
I was inspired by a design I saw online to create a lace look under her dress.

Happy Birthday Abby!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Caution: Birthday Party Ahead!

For another sweet family who I've made cakes for before, here is a construction theme cake I made for Colin who turned 3 this weekend.
I just LOVE how the cake topper turned out!

Who can't resist oreo crumbs around the cake as dirt!

This is one of my favorites for the weekend!!

Happy Birthday Colin!

Princess Party!

For one of my favorite families, I made their daughters' 3rd birthday cake.

This matched their invitation.

This photo is an interesting twist on what our original idea was. Mom wanted to incorporate 3 princesses into the theme of the party, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Belle. We didn't want to make three big doll cakes, but I thought of doing 3 miniature cakes. But we wanted to use the original princess dolls for the top half. Well the size of the cake and the doll didn't quite match up. So Plan B....I messed around with so many different ideas with this and at 1 am after much debate I went with rice krispies. I covered each with fondant. If I had more time I might have added some more detail to it, but I was able to accomplish the three princesses into the party.

So to allow the kids to have some vanilla cake I made a dozen or so cupcakes with the the pink, blue and yellow sprinkles to match the princesses!
Happy Birthday Elise!

Baby Shower Monogram

A friend contacted me about making them a baby shower cake for her sister who was expecting their first little boy in July. Here is the cake I made for the shower which match in colors to their invitation with the monogram of the baby's name.

My apologies the lighting on this does not do justice to seeing the cake in person. The cake is almond with an almond buttercream so it's not quite as dark as my chocolate buttercream is but still delicious!


Wedding Bells!


Congratulations to Christi and Mac who were married on Saturday, June 4, 2011.

What a great couple to work with and I was thrilled to be asked to make not only their rehearsal dinner cupcakes but also their wedding cake. Everything turned out beautifully and I hope the bride and her family enjoyed not only their special day, but also their sweets too!

Here is the rehearsal dinner cupcake bouquet. I LOVE how this turned out!! Lemon cupcakes with lemon buttercream and the flowers and marbles were to match the colors of her wedding
Now the wedding cake

This beautiful 4 tiered cake was a mix of lemon cake with raspberry filling, chocolate with oreo buttercream filling and an almond cake with a raspberry filling.
Congratulations Christi and Mac!

B is for Bennett!


This was for a friend whose son turned 1 this weekend. This cake was so much fun to make and great color combination too! The only thing missing is the "B", the Mom had bought a big letter B to put on top of the cake for Bennett!

Bennett also got his miniature version of this cake as his smash cake. Of course his was all buttercream, no fondant for him!

Happy Birthday Bennett!

(and for those paying attention, Ralph, who is also mentioned on the cake is their next door neighbor was shares the same birthday as Bennett)

Congrats Grad!

Tis the season for graduation, whether from high school or preschool June is busy month for this! This cake was for a young girl graduating from Charlotte Catholic High School.
Congratulations Katelin!


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