Saturday, August 28, 2010

Itsa-Belly Baby Planners

Thanks to a friend who I did her son's birthday cake for last year, she passed my name and information along to this wonderful organization called Itsa-Belly. A baby planning company for parents. I was asked to provide cupcakes for their free event today at the Ballantyne Country Club. Check out their website, what a neat concept for all those pregnant or wanting to become pregnant as well as those who have recently become new mommies!

Here is my table all ready for the event. I had a blast meeting new people and passing out business cards. Hopefully some business will come this way!

Thank You Anna and Ashley for inviting me!

Friday, August 27, 2010


I wish I could say I was in Hawaii. But instead I made some yummy Hawaiian theme cupcakes for a friend whose sister is getting married October 17. They were having a Luau theme bridal shower and though she lives in Tennessee and her sister lives in Charlotte, the shower was going to be in Winston Salem. So between our tri-city communication, I met up with the bride to be at South Park to deliver the cupcakes for her to take to her shower.

I made 4 dozen red velvet and vanilla cupcakes (with a few extra). 24 of those went on the cupcake bouquet and the rest were decorated with the leis. Neat idea for the leis, not mine though, gotta thank Bakerella for that idea.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

You've Got a Friend In Me...

"You've Got a Friend in Me"....Woody and Buzz that is. Did you know that Toy Story 3 is now the top grossing animated film of all time, closing in on the 1 billion dollar mark! A popular movie amongst many kids, including my own. This little boy, Liam, was celebrating his 3rd birthday with a Toy Story theme and according to his mom, he carries his Buzz and Woody toys everywhere he goes!

I made a chocolate cake with my chocolate buttercream as a filling and using the frozen buttercream transfer method I was able to recreate a picture of Buzz and Woody. Due to the size of the cake (9") and the details to both Woody and Buzz the characters are not quite as clear as I had wanted. But now I know for the next time, less is more! But I was able to draw them and when the birthday boy saw it he was all smiles!

Happy Birthday Liam!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Birthday, BIrthday!

What little kid doesn't like Elmo or Sesame Street?
Here is my Elmo cake that I modified to hold a Sesame Street sign
and some building blocks to fit the theme of this birthday party.
Happy 2nd Birthday Hailey!
Hailey's Poppa was visiting and celebrating his 60th birthday,
so I made him a special mini Batman cake!

Another Birthday celebration!

Tuesday was Chris' actual birthday.
So the kids and I drove up to UNC Charlotte
to deliver cupcakes for him and his co-workers to enjoy!
Chris' LOVES my chocolate cake, and this time I filled each cupcake
with oreo buttercream and top each with either
chocolate or vanilla icing and a mini oreo!
Then we came home to have dinner with my folks and enjoyed another round of cupcakes!
Happy 30th Birthday Honey!
I got the brown cupcake wrappers from a neat company out in California called Simply Caked. Reasonable prices, fast shipping, and great service.
Check them out, the brown wrappers really made the chocolate cupcakes stand out!

Sunday, August 8, 2010


What a fun, and crazy weekend this was! I have been planning my husband's 30th surprise party for almost 2 months. And it finally happened this weekend. Well, his cake was not the only cake I did, take a look at my weekend adventures!

Here is my kitchen table on Saturday morning!
WOW....I could almost run a bakery in my house!
This was a simple, beautiful baby shower cake!
A bit odd for a baby shower, but I LOVED it.
The pink and black damask pattern, awesome!!

Then I did a simple baby shower, baby bootie cake.
This was a delicious Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate cake.
Chocolate cake with Chocolate buttercream filling and icing!
And here you husband's surprise topsy, turvy cake.
My inspiration, Sharon Zambito.
This is a copy of her cake that she has done before.
Thanks Sharon! Yours is much better, but not bad for my first attempt!
I made a chocolate cake with oreo buttercream filling for the bottom
Yellow, chocolate marble for the middle with chocolate buttercream
And everyone's favorite - almond with almond buttercream for the top.
The bottom and middle layers had styrofoam and cake.
I wanted to give the cake a little height,
a little to much in hind sight, but still neat.
Oh and we had 30 candles for him to blow out too!
Here I am with my kiddos who were angels at the restaurant!
Happy Birthday Chris!
THANKS to all our friends and family who came and celebrated with us!
Even though the birthday boy figured it out before the party,
he still was a good champ and didn't spoil it for me.
We all had a good laugh afterwards!

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