Cakes and Pricing

Cake Flavors
Orange/Chocolate swirl
Red Velvet*
Pumpkin Spice*
Gluten Free yellow cake*
Guinness Chocolate - Cupcakes ONLY


any of the above buttercream
raspberry fruit filling
oreo buttercream
cream cheese*

Do you like something else, let me know and I will try to accommodate you!  
Those cake flavors and fillings with a * are subject to an additional charge

Each cake is custom made so prices adjust based on the depth to the design. 
Due to the individuality of each order please call to check availability and to have a personalize design put together to determine your exact price. 

Here are starting prices for my more popular cake sizes.

6" round - feeds about 8-10 people $25
9" round - feeds about 20-25 people $50
These are 4" high cakes with your choice of filling

9"x13" sheet cake - feeds about 15-20 people $40 
11"x15" sheet cake - feeds about 30-35 people $65
12"x18" sheet cake - feeds about 40-45 people $80
These are 2" high cakes with no filling

9"x13" sheet cake stacked with filling feeds about 40 people $90
11"x15" sheet cake stacked with filling feeds about 65-70 people $150
12"x18" sheet cake stacked with filling feeds about 80-90 people $180
These are 4" high cakes 

Tiered cakes
9" & 6" round feeds about 30-35 people $85
10" & 8" round feeds about 50-55 people $135
6" & 4" round feeds about 12-15 people $45 
These are base prices, buttercream ONLY no fondant

Wedding cakes
$3.75 per serving - buttercream price
fondant and other work will increase the price
A round or square silver cake stand is provided with each cake
All wedding cakes are delivered within hours of your wedding 
and are subject to a delivery charge

3D and carved cakes 
priced per cake order

Character cake pans - see cake pan inventory for available pans
Depending on what character you are looking for and if I am able to accommodate you, starting price is $40

Minimum order of a dozen - starting at $24 - this is a buttercream and sprinkle price
any additional cupcake toppers, fondant or buttercream cost extra

Mini cupcakes  
Minimum order of 2 dozen - $24 ($1.00 each)

Guinness Chocolate Cupcakes
Minimum order of a dozen - $36
(made with Guinness beer and Bailey's Irish Cream/Irish Whiskey Cream Cheese Icing)

Cupcake Bites
Cake rolled with buttercream and dipped in chocolate twice, 
Minimum order of  two dozen - $20

Cupcake Pops
Cake rolled with buttercream dipped in chocolate and placed on a lollipop stick - $3 each, Minimum order of dozen, they are wrapped and tied with your choice of colored ribbon

Cupcake Push Pops
NEW, miniature cakes in old fashion push pop molds, need 3 weeks notice to order proper amount of molds - $3.00 each

All shapes, sizes, and designs - starting price $2.50 (call for a more accurate price)
Individually wrapped with a bow - starting price $3.50 

Travel Fees
I do charge a small nominal travel expense if I am delivering the cake to you personally.  Prices vary depending on where I am traveling to.

I have ALL different kinds of cake pans in ALL different shapes and sizes, so my possibilities are endless!  Just give me a call and we can talk about your cake today! 

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