Saturday, January 30, 2010

Some Day My Prince will come....Cinderella style.

Here is a beautiful Cinderella princess castle I did for a little girls 3rd birthday today. She had her birthday at Sports Connection where she got to bounce to her hearts content in massive bouncy houses with her friends. (Our kids LOVE going there!) For this cake I used Wilton's Romance Castle Cake set and decorated the turrets with blue buttercream and blue and white cake sparkles.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Baby Shower Cake

Here is a pretty baby shower cake for a mom to be who is having twins!
They don't know what they are having,
but their theme was baby birds and their colors were
lime green, hot pink and blue.
I hand made the baby birds nest out of chocolate Satin Ice Fondant and used my new hand held fondant gun that I got for Christmas (Thanks Nanny!) to create the twig branch effect around the nest. I patterned the birds using Wilton's Fondant Bird guide. The flowers were made to look 3D, however, I didn't make them earlier enough in the week so they were not quite as stiff as I had wanted them to be, but they turned out looking pretty good on the cake.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy Birthday

I made a simple and yummy Birthday cake for a friend. This is 9 inch white almond sour cream cake with almond buttercream, decorated with a mocha colored base and sky blue polka dots.
Happy Birthday!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Where did 2009 go???

ok....I know I promised at the beginning of 2009 that I would get better with my blogging and I did stay with it for the most part. But I hate to admit it, after the first of October, I don't know what happened? One minute it's 2009 and the next it's 2010....but I haven't been sitting doing nothing. I've been a busy, busy baker and decorator the last few months.

To hit a few highlights...

Here is a Triathlon Birthday cake

So it has to happen at some point, one of my beautiful cakes did not make it to it's destination. I can not even say that I left my small town of Matthews before it slid off the platform in the back of the car. To say the least I was a bit distraught over the cake, but thank goodness the person I was delivering it to was a close friend and she understood.
I did make an emergency trip to Costco for a substitute cake.

The before picture

The after picture
I know what went wrong in the trunk, it was my fault. I wasn't even going fast nor did I hit a bump or brake hard, just good old physics played into this disaster!
Even the best I'm sure have days like this.

Then on to a favorite cake of 2009.
Our best friend who I did his wedding cake back in July was turning 30 this year.
So I challenged myself to create an AWESOME cake for him.
He was giving a recital at St. John Neumann Catholic church
and I made him a giant piano cake!
The cake is completely covered in Satin Ice Fondant and I have to admit
I modify the design a bit from Anne Heap at Pink Cake Box, but it turned out really neat!
Baby Shower Cake

Here is my table at the Rock Hill Chocolate Festival.
I set up a table with a few samples and my new banner!
Then I did a few dozen or so cookies and cupcake bites for Matthews Dental Care

Than Turkey Day, I was in charge of my daughters' Thanksgiving party.
Here are the cutest Turkey Cupcakes I've ever seen!
Gobble Gobble!

Then my Birthday in the mix of things!
Happy Birthday Me!
I covered this small cake in Chocolate Satin Ice Fondant
Here is another Birthday Cake

Here is an adorable little girls Birthday Cake
I even made a little gumpaste Mickey Mouse hat on top!

Then I entered myself in a cookie & cupcake challenge at the Ballantyne Hotel.
I didn't win, but I enjoyed participating.
I made my favorite Hooty Creek Cranberry Cookies
and a new recipe for S'Mores Cupcakes

Another Birthday cake for a mom who was turning 90!

And in all of the Birthdays, I made a graduation cake.

Now here is my pride and joy of the holiday season!
A close family friend who LOVES my cakes asked me
to create a 3D cupcake bite Christmas tree.
Yes, I said 3D.
So...I made 52 cupcake bites,
and stuck them on a styrofoam cone,
with a few extra flowers and such to fill in the gaps.
Ta Da!
Here is my favorite part.
I made tiny presents and such out of fondant & gumpaste

Oh, yeah...a few cookies too!

Check out the video of the tree!!
My favorite part!

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