Monday, January 4, 2010

Where did 2009 go???

ok....I know I promised at the beginning of 2009 that I would get better with my blogging and I did stay with it for the most part. But I hate to admit it, after the first of October, I don't know what happened? One minute it's 2009 and the next it's 2010....but I haven't been sitting doing nothing. I've been a busy, busy baker and decorator the last few months.

To hit a few highlights...

Here is a Triathlon Birthday cake

So it has to happen at some point, one of my beautiful cakes did not make it to it's destination. I can not even say that I left my small town of Matthews before it slid off the platform in the back of the car. To say the least I was a bit distraught over the cake, but thank goodness the person I was delivering it to was a close friend and she understood.
I did make an emergency trip to Costco for a substitute cake.

The before picture

The after picture
I know what went wrong in the trunk, it was my fault. I wasn't even going fast nor did I hit a bump or brake hard, just good old physics played into this disaster!
Even the best I'm sure have days like this.

Then on to a favorite cake of 2009.
Our best friend who I did his wedding cake back in July was turning 30 this year.
So I challenged myself to create an AWESOME cake for him.
He was giving a recital at St. John Neumann Catholic church
and I made him a giant piano cake!
The cake is completely covered in Satin Ice Fondant and I have to admit
I modify the design a bit from Anne Heap at Pink Cake Box, but it turned out really neat!
Baby Shower Cake

Here is my table at the Rock Hill Chocolate Festival.
I set up a table with a few samples and my new banner!
Then I did a few dozen or so cookies and cupcake bites for Matthews Dental Care

Than Turkey Day, I was in charge of my daughters' Thanksgiving party.
Here are the cutest Turkey Cupcakes I've ever seen!
Gobble Gobble!

Then my Birthday in the mix of things!
Happy Birthday Me!
I covered this small cake in Chocolate Satin Ice Fondant
Here is another Birthday Cake

Here is an adorable little girls Birthday Cake
I even made a little gumpaste Mickey Mouse hat on top!

Then I entered myself in a cookie & cupcake challenge at the Ballantyne Hotel.
I didn't win, but I enjoyed participating.
I made my favorite Hooty Creek Cranberry Cookies
and a new recipe for S'Mores Cupcakes

Another Birthday cake for a mom who was turning 90!

And in all of the Birthdays, I made a graduation cake.

Now here is my pride and joy of the holiday season!
A close family friend who LOVES my cakes asked me
to create a 3D cupcake bite Christmas tree.
Yes, I said 3D.
So...I made 52 cupcake bites,
and stuck them on a styrofoam cone,
with a few extra flowers and such to fill in the gaps.
Ta Da!
Here is my favorite part.
I made tiny presents and such out of fondant & gumpaste

Oh, yeah...a few cookies too!

Check out the video of the tree!!
My favorite part!

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