Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sesame Street Baby Shower


My husbands family has family get togethers several times a year. We all try to meet in the Charlotte area around Thanksgiving, then again around Spring/Easter in Raleigh and then the BIG family reunion with everyone else in Tennessee. We are usually very successful in getting just about everyone together each time! There are 3 siblings who each had 2 children, those children, except for the youngest in college, is married and we all have 2 children each, except for the couple who we were celebrating their son's 1st birthday this weekend. Carson is ONE!

With 14 adults (minus 2 husbands and one cousin) there were 8 children all under the age of 5 in one house! And what a blast these cousins had with each other! 4 girls, 4 boys! The littlest Carson is turning one this week, so we planned a family birthday party for him. His momma was throwing a Sesame Street theme party.

Now I can't take complete credit on this idea, I did borrow it from a friend of mine, BUT it was just to cute NOT to do for Carson, plus I got to experiment with two new different flavors of cake.

Birthday Boy Carson!

(before cake)

getting ready....

not so sure about the hat...

trying the cake....

and we have a winner - he does not like the cake! oh well...he tried and we all got our pictures


Christening Cake


This was my second Christening cake for the weekend,

this one was for a little boy, Miles.

Congratulations Miles!

Christening Cake


I had two christening cakes this weekend, this was the first one I did for a high school friend whose daughter was being Christened. What a precious little girl she is too!

Congratulations Tenley!

Top Hat 30th Birthday


This big cake was for a surprise birthday this past weekend. The young man turning 30 knew he was going out with his girlfriend and his family, but he did not know he was going to be surprised with a cake like this!

Happy Surprise 30th!



There is a neat place in Charlotte where kids can go and bounce, not in bouncy houses but on trampolines!

How much fun is this?!?

My kids are probably not quite ready for this, but we'll have to check it out. Well this birthday boy was having his party there and this cake was inspired based off of his invite.

Happy Birthday Trent!

Little Einstein


This was a first for me, a Little Einstein theme cake.

Happy Birthday Lana!

Thomas the Train...choo chop...


For a sweet little boy who turned 4 and absolutely

LOVES Thomas the Train!

He was going to add one of his trains

to go around the cake board!

Happy Birthday Will!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Check out those carrots!


What a fun cute Easter treat to enjoy!

Yes, those are carrots,

I mean chocolate strawberries in a flower pot!

I saw a link for some cute silicone flower pots earlier in the month. The baker said she purchased her pots at Target, and by chance the other day, Nicholas and I discovered them in the Easter section. Cute small silicone flower pots you bake right in. I dug out a small hole, dipped some strawberries in orange candy melts with the help of some oreo crumbs and there you go, carrots growing in a pot!

Happy Easter everyone!

Happy Birthday-Elmo style!


All kids just love Sesame Street! I know I did and my kids did as well. Elmo is just the cutest thing and I absolutely love creating this special cake for little ones!

Happy Birthday Alexander!

Cupcake Bites - Easter colors!


I love this time of year, with all the spring colors, the flowers, the warming temperatures and of course Easter. These cute bites of yummy almond cake were dipped in pretty chocolate for a celebratory party for a friend of ours who finished conducting a Requiem Mass at our church.

Congrats Peppie!

Cookies and Cupcakes!


Who doesn't LOVE a cupcake? Well, why not a cupcake shaped cookie too with a cupcake.

I made 2 dozen Pinkalicious themed cupcakes and cookies - pink for the girls and blue for the boys!

Happy Birthday!

Strawberry Cake


Well, this is not quite a true strawberry cake, it is my vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream and fresh strawberries inside, YUM!

LOVE how simple the cake turned out too!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday from The Dark Side...


Not many 4 year olds have seen Star Wars, but this young man definitely has. He wanted not only a Star Wars theme cake, he wanted to make sure that the 3 "bad guys" were on the cake. Being married myself to a Star Wars fan, I know a thing or two about this movie. So I was quite surprised when the birthday boy only wanted Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine and Darth Maul on his cake.

The 3 characters are all hand sketched

and iced in buttercream.

Happy Birthday Jonas!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Mommy!


This special cake was for a friend whose husband called to order a special cake and some cookies for his wife's surprise party with the family.

I also created a dozen or so flower theme cookies

to go along with her cake.

Happy Birthday Tiffany!

Woof, Woof!


This doggie cake was for a friend from high school for her father who was celebrating his birthday with his wife and some close friends. The Birthday boy is a big lover of dachshund's, him and his wife rescue dachshund dogs as well as having a few of their own. So I created a special doggie theme cake for his birthday.

Here are three little fondant doggies that resemble his three.

Happy Birthday Andy!


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