Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Harry Potter!


This is going to go up with one of my all time FAVORITE cakes. I didn't mind nor did I count the hours spent making the invidual pieces, I was THRILLED that I was asked to make a Harry Potter theme birthday cake.

For all those Harry Potter fans you know ALL about the different elements to this cake.

The Quidditch ball with its wings,

The sorting hat for the fellow students at Hogwarts.

Harry's iconic red and yellow scarf, and his signature glasses.

What special is the wand, not just any wand,

it belongs to Dumbledore.

This birthday boy LOVES Dumbledore and requested his wand to be on his cake!

Happy Birthday Cody!



A little late for Valentines...but this sweet cake was made for a friend who was just "craving" one of my cakes! I'm glad I was able to help her out.

A Froggy theme First Birthday!


Happy Birthday to our close friends and their son Mikey!

What a sweet, and happy baby!!

The frogs head is actually a GIANT cookie covered in buttercream

left over cookie dough so I quickly put together some cookies for everyone to enjoy

Smash cake for Mikey!

I based his cakes on theme of his birthday invitations

Happy Birthday Big Boy!

Take Me Out to the Ballgame!


Another dozen cookies, these were for favors for a young boys birthday last week.

He was having a baseball theme party.

Happy Birthday!

Valentine Cookies!


Last week was Valentines, and what better way to celebrate but with sweet cookies. These were actually for a great cause. I sent these dozen cookies to a young boy through Cookies Smiles, a joint program with the group Icing Smiles - which provides custom celebration cakes and other treats to families impacted by critical illness of a child.

Cookies Smiles is just a smaller group that reaches out to families each month with a dozen sweet smiles!



My little guy has yet to discover what these neat toys are yet, but this is my second Beyblade cake. My apologies for the blurry picture. But this is my version of what a Beyblade is on a cake for a young boy who was celebrating his birthday with just his family last week.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dinosaur Train


What little boy doesn't love trains and dinosaurs?

PBS took both ideas and made an incredible cartoon called Dinosaur Train! This cake was for a sweet little boy who was turning three and LOVES the show.

The story is about dinosaurs who explore all the differnt eras of the dinosaur period as they travel on a train through a time tunnel to visit with different dinosaurs and learn along the way. Great show!

What I love (and I'm so proud of) is this is ALL buttercream, hand drawn and piped on!

Happy Birthday Caden!

Pink and Black


For a friend who was was traveling to celebrate her sisters 30th birthday this weekend, this cute (and small) cake was spun off of ideas of France and the Eiffel Tower and the birthday girls favorite color cominbation, pink and black. No Eiffel Tower, but very simple and cute too!

All buttercream, except for the bottom trim, bow on top

and the letter "B" plaque in the middle.

Happy Birthday!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Congratulations to Magen and Jason!


Despite the rain and cold temperature that this past Saturday brought, these two young people were not going to let that stop their fabulous February wedding!

A simple, elegant, but modern feel to their wedding cake, a three tier square cake with simple red flowers and a black fondant band around each tier.

Congratulations to Magen and Jason!

And, the bride asked me to create a special surprise grooms cake, this is the US Soccer Crest.

Surprise and Congrats Jason!

Congrats and Surprise!


Congrats and surprise to the newest member of the

Waxhaw Police Department.

I was asked to create a surprise cake for a friends sister who was graduating the Police Academy.

I created the cake to look like her Police Badge.

Tea Party for Two!


For a little girl who was turning 2 this weekend. Her mom wanted to recreate the theme of her party and decor into cake. The napkin and party decor were a tea party theme.

You can see the napkin below, but the teapot is all cake, the two tea cups are made with Wilton's mini doll wonder pan and the birthday girls smash cake is in the middle.

Happy Birthday Lexie!

Sparkly Shoes!!


For a little girl who was turning 6 this past weekend

and who has a pair of sparkly pink shoes she loves.

I made her a tiffany blue shoe box with a

rice krispie fondant covered shoe.

Happy Birthday Lulu!

4 Mini Cakes!


I LOVE this!!

I was asked to make a few birthday cakes this past weekend.

These are all 6" rounds

and they were all so much fun to make!

Happy Birthday Papa is for my father in law who is celebrating his 60th birthday today!

We went to the beach this past weekend

and celebrated my nieces birthday and his birthday.

Happy Birthday Daddy was for a friend whose husband was celebrating his birthday with his 4 favorite girls - his wife and 3 beautiful little girls! Happy Birthday Gavin!

Happy Birthday Tara and Eric were for a friend and her cousin who share the same birthday and were going out to dinner to celebrate with family and friends.

Tara loves shoes and Eric plays the bango!

Tennis Racket


This special cake was for a young man who was honored with the title of being North Carolina Tennis Pro of the Year.

Congratulations Dwayne!

Antioch Gators!


This cake was for a friend who is actively involved with the PTO at my daughters school and will soon be the PTO president for the next school year. She asked me to create a simple, small cake for her and some of the PTO board members who were gathering at her house last week.

Go Gators!

Happy Birthday Jaden!

For a sweet girl who was turning 10 who loves the color pink, hot pink!

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