Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Princess Party!

For one of my favorite families, I made their daughters' 3rd birthday cake.

This matched their invitation.

This photo is an interesting twist on what our original idea was. Mom wanted to incorporate 3 princesses into the theme of the party, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Belle. We didn't want to make three big doll cakes, but I thought of doing 3 miniature cakes. But we wanted to use the original princess dolls for the top half. Well the size of the cake and the doll didn't quite match up. So Plan B....I messed around with so many different ideas with this and at 1 am after much debate I went with rice krispies. I covered each with fondant. If I had more time I might have added some more detail to it, but I was able to accomplish the three princesses into the party.

So to allow the kids to have some vanilla cake I made a dozen or so cupcakes with the the pink, blue and yellow sprinkles to match the princesses!
Happy Birthday Elise!

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