Tuesday, December 6, 2011

For a Princess and her Tea Party

This cake is another one of my favorites that I can add to my portfolio of cakes. I'm a sucker for pink and princess theme cakes. And this special cake was for a special girl, Vivian, who was turning 5.

Vivian and I share something in common, our birthdays! I'm not quite sure how we all met, but I was contacted by this amazing family a year ago to help with their daughters 4th birthday. And I've been making their cakes ever since! They have 3 sweet little girls, and Vivian is the oldest. She was having a tea party, a Princess theme tea party, and her favorite color is pink! So I combined all three to create a special cake for her.

What's not pictured are another 2 dozen pink and white cake pops similar to those I did for her class party.

Happy Birthday Vivian!

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