Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Rock 'n Roll - FunkyTown Party

FunkyTown Parties, offering classes, parties and events all in the theme of hip hop. I had never heard of such a place or theme idea for a birthday party, but what a NEAT place to have a FUN birthday celebration. FunkyTown is a small business in Charlotte that offers a unique birthday party environment. Kids of all ages can come learn how to dance hip hop and have a great time together.

The birthday girls mom wanted me to create a cake for her daughter who was turning 8. Mom and I talked about the design and I had plenty of ideas going through my mind as we talked, but I told mom to think about what she wanted and then told her to ask her daughter to draw want she wanted her cake to look like. And for the first time ever

I have an actual drawing of the birthday girls cake that she wanted.

Here is her cake that she drew

(disclaimer - Ann Elizabeth is actually 8, not 7 as in the picture above!)

And here is what I created with her with an extra surprise of the birthday girl at the piano

Happy Birthday Ann Elizabeth!

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