Sunday, July 18, 2010

Summer Wedding in the Park...

My My Cake Safe Box arrived just in time for a wedding I was doing this weekend. The bride (and neighbor) was getting married just a few minutes from our house at Colonel Francis Beatty Park at their Lake Point Hall outside on a beautiful Sunday summer afternoon. I was very excited to use my box for the first time!

Here is a close up of the cake before flowers.
Then a full shot of the cake inside the box,
look at how much room there is!
Here is the cake with the flower arrangement on the side,
I left the top open so I could put the pole through
and then decorate more after I arrived on site.
This was a bit scary to put in, but i did it.
A little bit of some elbow work to make it through all the layers
and then the cardboard at the bottom, but it worked!
In the car ready to go, bring on the speed bumps!
And for those who don't know
the park has a dozen or so speed bumps
that are not car friendly that you have to go over.
So thank goodness for Cake Safe!
The final product!

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