Monday, January 17, 2011

Capture Me Candid

I knew 2011 was going to be a good year. I just had a feeling. So far I'm doing well with obtaining orders and keeping up with the family. I have not been overly busy, but luckily my prayers are being answered. I am thrilled to say that I'm not only open to birthday cakes and baby cakes but I'm more excited to say, bring on the wedding cakes!

Yes, I have made a few connections around Charlotte and my name is getting around about my affordable and delicious wedding cakes! I have 2 possible 3 brides so far on my calendar! I know some of you may be saying, that's nothing, but I'm getting there, I'm feeling the bridal buzz and I just know things will turn around with that.

AND besides that, I had a very exciting business opportunity present itself today. Last year, my husband got me photography classes for our Anniversary to help learn how to use my very nice Nikon digital camera. In the class I met Lori Konawalik, a photographer who was learning her way around the digital camera world as well. Despite her having years of experience, a father who had a black room in their house and a degree in graphic design, photography, and communication from Arizona, Lori was still learning to become a better photographer. She has now founded her own business, Capture Me Candid. A one of kind, unique experience with a wonderful photographer, mom and friend to anyone who she photographs.

Lori remembered the cakes that I had photographed plus the camera cake I brought into class. She wants to give her clients a new birthday experience that includes photography a make up artist and my cakes as part of the package deal!

Whoo hoo!! Right?

I am thrilled to be a part of her business and to be able to expand my cakes to others in the Charlotte area who may not have the opportunity to know that I'm out there! For those of you are interested or who are just looking for a good photographer to photograph the kids, a family reunion, or even a wedding, please take a moment to look at Capture Me Candid to find out more about Lori and her business!

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