Monday, May 7, 2012

Olivia's 6th Birthday!

We can not believe it...our little girl is turning 6!  What happened?  It feels like it was only yesterday I was decorating her first birthday cake, a duck.  (One of her first words was duck...along with dada.)  Who knew I would go from a star tip duckie to a 7 layer rainbow cake! 

Well, Happy Birthday to a our little girl!
The CAKE!! Yes I was super proud of this easy to decorate too! Just let the girls do it!!
edible crayons (thank you pinterest!) pretzels dipped in chocolate wrapped with construction paper!
You can have an art party without a paint palette cookie set! LOVE, LOVE, how these turned out!
edible paint brushes (another thanks to pinterest!)
Olivia and her friends decorating the cake!
The finished product!
7 layer rainbow cake!
oh how yummy!
I can't believe she's growing up so fast! sigh....
Happy 6th Birthday Olivia!

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