Sunday, April 17, 2011

It's a Hookah!

This is a first! I had a UNC Charlotte student give me a call earlier in the week asking for a special birthday cake. Every year she does something unique and special and this year she wanted me to create a Hookah cake for her and her friend. She does not use a Hookah for what it is intended for, but more of a symbol of her culture and as decor in her home.

One of the Hookahs she let me borrow for inspiration

you can read more about what a hookah is here

The Hookah is sitting on a "pillow" cake and the pipe is created using PVC pipe!

Here I created what is used on top of a hookah, a piece of foil with charcoal

This is a first - Happy Birthday in Farsi

The first line says Happy Birthday

the second line say Amir

and the third say Mona

Happy Birthday Amir and Mona!

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