Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cindy's Hope Chest and Barbells for Boobs

My husband and I have joined a gym close to home called CrossFit Indian Trail. It's definitely a different spin on your typical workout. You can check out more here. I've only recently join, and as reserved as I was, I'm slowly becoming a fan, yes, you heard me, I like it! I'm still timid to go, but once I'm there...I'm good. But that's beside the point...my point here is cake!

The owner Nate and his wife Jessica asked if I could help out with a fundraiser they were having this past weekend. They were raising money for Cindy's Hope Chest and Mammograms in Action

Cindy’s Hope Chest mission is to support women battling breast cancer emotionally and financially. Their goal is to provide ways to educate, support, and encourage women while undergoing treatments. Cindy and her team of volunteers enjoy making women as comfortable as possible during the treatment process necessary to fight breast cancer. Cindy remembers what it was like, she was has been there and understands the fears and uncertainties. Cindy's Hope Chest joined forces with CrossFit Indian Trail to help raise money and help Cindy with her mission.

CrossFit Indian Trail was also working with Mammograms in Action to raise money to pay for mammograms. Barbells for Boobs, as it was called, was the workout we participated in to raise money for women in our community. Everyone who signed up participated in two workouts with a partner, a little bit of running, a few pull ups, a few kettle bell swings and oh yeah...lifting those barbells! (By the way, it's not as easy as you might think!)

Members from different CrossFit gyms in the area came and supported in this cause and together we raised over $3,000!! There was a bake sale, car wash, garage sale, 50/50 raffle, silent auction and the workout! What a great day, great weather, great people to work out with and fun all around!

So, back to the cake....I donated cookies, a cake for the silent auction and a cake for us to enjoy later at the cook out.

Congratulations to Nate and CrossFit Indian Trail. We had a great day participating in all the events and are glad we can help!

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