Saturday, June 27, 2009

What a Blur...

It's been one month since my last post, my apologies, but between a small trip to the beach and a million cakes and a few cookies in between, I'm finally getting around to posting.

Here is a baby shower cake I did for an expecting mom,
guess what she is having?
This is the Grooms cake for a wedding I did. The groom went to Wake Forest.
And here is the wedding cake, a bit different than a typical white wedding cake.
But I really liked it, and it turned out well!
Following the wedding cake I did a baby shower cake
for a dear friend who is expecting in August.
The cakes keep is a birthday cake for Carol.
This cake may look a bit different, but this was for a parent's
shared 50th surprise Birthday.
The colors are an odd match, but to help explain,
one parent went to Louisiana State University
and the other one went to Tennessee.
It's that time of year, Graduations!
I wasn't swamped with graduation cakes as I had thought.
Here is a graduation cake for a young man graduating from my alma mater, Providence High.
And here is another graduating senior, also from Providence.
Go class of 2009!
On to the COOKIES!!!
Yes, I was asked to make a few cookies for some welcoming baskets
for a wedding this coming weekend, July 4.
Well 120 to be exact!! Oh My!
But all was good when they were finally done.
Here are some of them...
more cookies....
and more cookies!!
The final product put together in the box.

And since I was so exhausted from cookie making I couldn't possible do another cake, despite my desire to do this one. I decided to do a brownie "cake", not quite as I had expected.
But darn delicious!!
Off to do the wedding cake for the 4th of July!!

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