Monday, March 10, 2008

Cake Decorating 101

I've always loved cooking.  I especially love to bake desserts.  Back in 2005, my mom and I took a Wilton Cake Decorating Class at a local craft store.  We both had always wanted to take a cake decorating class and what a perfect time to do it.  We signed up and both of us got hooked into decorating and making cakes.  This started just as a hobby so that I could eventually learn how to decorate cakes for my children, since I was currently pregnant at the time with our first child.  I didn't know it would take off into what it has become today.  I will post descriptions and pictures of all my cakes as I make them so everyone can enjoy and see what beautiful cakes I have made!  I continue to explore and learn new techniques with new recipes each time.

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