Saturday, February 23, 2013

CAKE, Word World Style....

Anyone with little kids who has watched PBS cartoons 
has seen this adorable cartoon called Word World.  
Try saying that 3 times fast!  
A close friend of my husband 
asked me to make his sons birthday cake.
Wyatt LOVES watching Word World and what better way than to have a Word World cake!
 This design is based on the design that Pig in the story makes when he is spelling CAKE.
 To understand the cartoon, 
everything in the show is created 
using the letters that spell the character or item out.  
So CAKE is spelled and shaped 
together with just those letters!  
Though my kids don't watch it as much, 
it is still a cute show to watch 
and it teaches some great lessons too!  
Happy Birthday Wyatt!!

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