Saturday, September 29, 2012


Who didn't love the 80's?  Big hair, great music, awesome clothes....oh wait....some of us may want to forget some of that!  Well, to say the least this special cake was for a friend who asked me to help with her non profit organization to help raise awarenessa and money for the North Carolina Hemophilia Chapter.

Her and her daughter have been diagnosed with a blood disorder and have been involved with this orgnaization every since their diaganosis. Hemophilia is a rare hereditary (inherited) bleeding disorder in which blood cannot clot normally at the site of a wound or injury. 

She was hosting her 2nd annual fundraising event and wanted a cake, but not any kind of cake, a 80's theme cake to go along with the party theme!  

So you can't go wrong with a boombox and Michael Jackson's Thriller being a big hit of the 8o's
Who didn't make a mix tape back then?  
Rocking out with cool glasses and of course a classic Arcade game...

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