Sunday, June 13, 2010

Congratulations Class of 2010!!

It's that time of year again, graduation! To the Class of 2010, congratulations!! I wish each and everyone of you much success as you venture into another chapter of your life.

This week began with many different little projects each night to prepare for the weekend of cakes! I'm glad it is all over, now I can get some rest and enjoy our start to summer with the kids!

Here are the pictures of several graduation cakes with a birthday and anniversary cake in there too!

This is for a young man who is graduating from Butler High School and heading to Juilliard in the fall to study Opera.
The bottom layer, the piano, is not cake, but styrofoam!
This is for a young woman who graduated from Providence High School.
Her favorite colors are hot pink and lime green!

I painted 2010 on each star with a little food coloring gel.
This senior was graduating from Butler high school as well and off to NC State in the fall.

A yummy almond cake with chocolate icing for a 40th Birthday!
My first attempt (in a long time) to create fondant roses...not bad, right?
Happy Anniversary!
Here I made 3 dozen almond cupcake bites decorated for a graduating senior in her school colors of black and gold.

Baseball theme bites for a little boys birthday party.

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